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You’ve come to the right place! As a Spiritual Catalyst, the universe has given me the gift of bringing forth and strengthening the gifts of others. Whether you want to be a better practitioner at your current gifts, bring out gifts you feel linger beneath the surface, or discover gifts you didn’t know you have, my gift – and my privilege – is to help you. The universe uses me as a “spiritual lightning rod” to anchor your gifts and bring them home to you. Through books, oracle card readings and online classes, I help you hone your personal gifts and create a personal relationship with your guides.

Working with me you will:

  1. Learn to listen to and work with your guides
  2. Strengthen your existing gifts and discover new ones
  3. Feel a sense of peace and connection unlike what you’ve experienced to this point



A personal Oracle card reading consists of 6 to 8 cards, depending on how Spirit leads me. You can choose the deck that speaks to you based on a variety available. Get your reading today!

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One of my gifts is the ability to use words to help others transform. Whether it’s with a “self-help” style book or delightfully illustrated children’s stories, my books will help you and your family feel more connected to their soul’s purpose.

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Online learning is a great way to discover your soul’s true purpose and connect with the real you. I’ve created in-depth, self-paced courses to help you. Each one also comes with necessary course materials, access to a secret Facebook group and one-on-one support from me. Click here to see the list and start your online learning. 🙂

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Connect with like minded individuals for support and interaction on the Facebook Group.

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Everything from meditation exercises to demos and introductory information, these videos answer your most pressing questions about shamanism, Reiki, and oracle card readings. Watch them here.

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You may choose to work with me one on one in a variety of ways. A single session is a great place to start moving towards being the real you. Contact me to set up your first session.


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Sarah was easy to talk to, took time to explain, and genuine. Can't wait for my next instruction.

Donna P.

Sarah’s Reiki treatments are heaven. She was able to help me find calm and focus on a very exciting and happy day!

Julie T.

Sarah did an animal card reading for me. I will admit I was skeptical at first, but the cards were insightful and meaningful to me. Sarah’s enthusiasm for what she does – helping people through their journey – can be felt even through the phone. While she is just the guide during the reading, it felt like she was holding my hand and letting me discover the true meaning of the cards! I would definitely recommend this even for the most die-hard skeptics!

Carolina T.

From talking on the phone and looking at the website I knew it was the beginning of something. When I met her this evening it was an instant friendship. I have always been sensitive to energy but the reaction I had was incredible! Sarah was definitely meant to do this work. I am so happy we have found each other and I look forward to our weekly sessions.

Jeanna R.

This is the best most accurate reading I have ever had. Everything was spot on. She gives credit to her guides. Let me tell you they really come through for her.
I think to get the best results you must be ready to hear the message meant for you with an open heart and mind. I think that you must also choose the deck that really speaks to you. Normally I choose animal decks because of my great love and connection to animals but this time I chose a deck called Earth Power.
If you are on a spiritual quest I highly recommend this deck. It is filled with many spiritual hot spots from around the world. I first was drawn to this deck after seeing a card she posted on her facebook page of Angkor Wat, even though that particular card did not turn up in my reading it served as a catalyst to step outside of my comfort zone of normally choosing animal decks and trying something new. I have had a prior reading from her before where I chose only the email portion but I cannot stress enough the importance of spending the little extra and adding the phone call portion to your reading, even if it means you have to wait a bit longer til you can afford it. EVERYTHING that showed up in this reading is 100% relevant to exactly where I am at in my journey at the moment and the struggles I find myself going through. She provides gentle advice to help you along your path. She has a gift and is sharing it with the world. Let her gift help and serve you. Thank you Sarah!

Carol G.

She is a goddess and a gifted healer. I highly recommend her!

Darlene P.